Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rejoicing Winter's Death

Our dear Winter!
I remember your death in jubilant spirit.
I thought you'd never leave.
This year you were so heartless
I have no reason to grieve.
For I have found closure in Cherry Blossoms,
The bouquets sing of Spring,
I'm bringing out my bench and Chai
To rejoice your death, this elegy I sing.
May this pastel colors paint away
The ill hues you brought to me.
May a lesson be taught to you so great
You return apologetically.
May the Blossoms' bloom cast away
Your memories into oblivion
And may the floral views provoke
A rapturous Spring delirium.

This Spring (2017) I am committing to handwritten snippets of poetry wherever I can find the space to write. Letters and Pieces (2017) is a 30 poem collection written impromptu (according to prompts given by NaPoWriMo.net) throughout the month of April (2017) for National Poetry Writing Month. As days go by, the Index for Letters and Pieces will grow.

Day 03: Today's poem is an elegy - prompted by NaPoWriMo.net "write an elegy – a poem that mourns or honors someone dead or something gone by." I decided to write a happy elegy - it is pretty mocking. For the photograph and media used: I used the photograph of the Cherry Blossom I took a week ago from my iPhone 7, opened it on my laptop and held up the handwritten notepad paper with the elegy written on it. 

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