Monday, April 3, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Lessons Learned At 30: "Be The Blade"

In 30 years I have stepped out from behind the rock - really - and learned not just to hold the sword and shield but to become the blade itself. It has not been easy because you get stabbed in the back too often, people make vicious blows on your self-esteem, and yaddi yaddi yadda. Here's what you must do to become the blade.

BE LOUDThe saying 'empty vessels make most noise' should be interpreted wisely. Since we are surrounded by empty vessels - the noise is unbearable. This calls for raising of one's voice - naturally. The lesson is to voice yourself to make your existence known. Don't argue with fools, but don't let them parade all over you. I have learned that developing a basic voice you earn a defense shield that protects you among wordy fools. This voice can be written word as well - the idea is to be solid loud!
You must be fierce and this does not mean you turn into Count Dracula and cause heart attacks. It means sticking up for yourself when someone is forcing the wrong and false upon you. I learned to be fierce somewhere around 2010 when I laid a fraud undergrad business school teacher's career to rest. Yes, I wear that as one of my merit badges. He was maliciously ruining students' grades by changing their multiple choice answers (done in pencil). He was eating my GPA and somewhere along that time, my nerves cracked!

Standing strong in the face of challenges and tough times (difficult people even) requires guts and those are required to become a well-forged blade. I learned the art of quick self recovery! Give some time to mourn and wallow and then back to work and the show must go on. I learned to ignore heartbreak (of course, I cried like mental in alone moments), ignore sarcasm (curse the sarcastic person in my alone time), and ignore everything that struck at me (muttered abuse at it in my alone time). That alone time where all the negative emotion accumulated and became an Obscurus (Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them reference) and I used that to create serious, dark poetry. That's constructive catharsis for you!  
That is how a blade was forged. The great blade of The Abbie! Stronger than the Excalibur and much stubborn to budge for any random knight. Here is a little parting quote from me ...
Dear A to Z Challenge Guest Reader,Thank you for visiting me and reading my words. Please do join me tomorrow for 'C' 'Change Nobody' - another valuable lesson I learned at 30. Once again, thanks for coming and do expect my visit on your blog if you leave me a comment and a link to your space on the web.


  1. These are excellent lessons no matter your age, but if you're mastering them all by 30, you're in great shape. I guess learning comes first, then mastering. Be patient, which sounds odd against all these courageous lessons, but patience pays off as well when employed properly.

    Well struck, Abbie. With the blade, I mean.

  2. Loving your posts Abbieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3


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