Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#AtoZ Challenge Lessons Learned At 30: Unleash The Madness

Nothing has followed status quo for me and it is pointless hiding the freakshow my life is. Trying to hide the freak is like trying to keep a feral T-rex caged. Unhealthy! Madness, in all forms, should be expressed and made public. No woman in my family writes a blog, does voiceovers of vlogs like an RJ, wears the hijab, or films life in general. There is nobody who wishes to own a professional Riq, a cactus in the garden, and an owl for a pet! I don't have a deathwish of jumping out of airplanes but my vibe comes off as similar to those who know me. This is the insanity that I have revealed - there is some (serious one!) that needs to come out before that 30 becomes a 31 this year! Soon ...

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