Sunday, April 30, 2017

#A to Z Challenge Lessons Learned At 30: Zoom In On The Little Things In Life

  1. The little fairy garden you made (that creative feeling!)
  2. The perfect LOTR or Harry Potter Weekend on TV! (feeling of belonging to a fan club!)
  3. Cooking for the baby niece (that one inch thumbs up she puts up is to live for!)
  4. Butterbeer sipped with Sara at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter (elixir of life!)
  5. The perfect magnets for my white board!
  6. A new Starbucks drink!
  7. The feel of my car's steering wheel in my hands (the feel of control!)
  8. Perfect cuppa Chai
  9. A day at the mall!
  10. Girl time with Sara!

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