Friday, April 28, 2017

#A to Z Challenge Lessons Learned At 30: X Out Those Who Don't Care

It is high time I realized that there are a bunch of people who do not really consider me anything in their lives and do not care whether I exist or not. They could very well be prying on my happenings on various social media but they do not wish to participate and make their presence felt. I have been taking the first steps to everything for a very long time. I have tried rekindling family ties (with morons!), I have tried the 'long time no see' messaging with old friends who refuse to catch up, I have tried giving gifts to keep friendships, I have tried being there in people's tough times, I have tried keeping up with people's lives on social media. But there comes a point in time when you realize no matter what you do they do not care to reciprocate. They will never be the first ones to call, they will never comment on your life's happenings, they will never attend calls or reply to messages, 'Busy' will always be their answer, no amount of gifts can win their hearts, nothing can get them to care for you. 
At 30, which seems to be a turning a new leaf year for me, I have to steer my life in a mature direction where I honor myself and stop pleasing people or trying to extract love and care out of them.  

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