Saturday, March 18, 2017

Signing Winter Off

I was in apocalypse-prep mode for the Nor’easter named Stella. Over the last weekend news broke out about a Nor’easter (mad snowstorm!) hitting us on Monday and bringing several inches of snow. Yeah right! Jonas, last year, was a bigger show. We went into ‘apocalypse-prep’ mode and raced to Giant and Patel Brothers. Giant was for milk (because my family will not survive without Chai), and Patel Bros. because there was no Sooji (semolina) in the house. What if we have to make Sooji Halwa in the middle of a snowstorm? With Chai, of course. 
So I silenced the screams of my aching back and drove out to Patel Brothers. I found the store decked with buntings and paper poufs for Holi. It is the Hindu religious festival also called the ‘Festival Of Colors’ or the ‘Festival Of Love’. Even the Google logo was jumping with colors.
They were selling colored powders by the packs and they had run out of Khoya (which I wanted!). Everybody must be making mithai (sweet treats) for Holi. Well, maybe next time, the recipes will have to wait. The Uncle who runs the store has promised that Khoya will be back!

I took the ladies to Target (Starbucks included!) and tried the new drink on the menu (I always do that!). We also got a Valentines cookie (seasonal!) for Maryam and a slice of Pumpkin Bread for ourselves to share. It was like our final goodbye to the Winter of 2016. 
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I treated myself to Starbucks Coconut Milk Mocha Machiatto (brilliant, creamy, yum!) to bid Winter goodbye. I have officially had enough of the harsh weather and I am over ready for Spring.


  1. Wait? They had a Valentine's day cookie in March still? Girl, tell me about to the late night runs to get milk for dad's chai. I shouldn't have made fun when I was a young'un. I will be doing the same very soon enough! :)

    1. Yes! I believe they have the last ones going. Maybe my side of the planet doesn't have enough lovebirds so they didn't run out. HAHA! They haven't cut the price though! Your Dad's a dhoodhpatti chai drinker! Awesome!


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