Thursday, September 29, 2016

October Photography Month (OctoPhoMo) 2016

"The October Photography Month was started in 2012 by Stitch & Cat Mommy on The Open Diary website (RIP OD 1998-2014). In 2013 the event was held on both OD and Prosebox. In 2014 it ran solely here on PB with a single host; Cat Mommy. Unless otherwise announced the event will always take place every single year. The guidelines are simple; one photo, every day, for a month." [Prosebox]
Entries will post and update here daily.

Oct 01 Joy OR Sorrow
Chai is my simplest form of joy - a peaceful cup, sipped alone - and that quotes clipping is from O, The Oprah Magazine.
Oct 02 Light OR Dark
A model of the solar system at the "99 Names Of Allah" exhibition in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Allah (God in Arabic) has 99 names - each one representing one of His attributes - and this model represented the names that show His status as the Master of the Universe, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the Knower of Everything.
Oct 03 Colour OR Black & White
Black and white - for me - is more colorful than the 7 colors of the rainbow.
Oct 04 Sweet OR Savory
This continues to be my favorite photograph. It's from a confectionary called Lolli and Pops. There's so much candy in there. And the indoor theme reminds me of Honeydukes/Zonko's at the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter
Oct 05 Water OR Land
There can be no better 'land' photos than the ones taken from an airplane's window. This is the mountainous terrain of Saudi Arabia - outside the city of Madinah.
Oct 06 Pride OR Shame
Hogwarts pride - this is how Sara and I live when we visit the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.
Oct 07 Patriotic OR Passionate

After 25+ years of being a Permanent Resident Alien of the US, I am no more an alien! Proud citizen since 2015!
Oct 08 Devious OR Delightful

Oct 09 Birth OR Death

A dinosaur is born!

Oct 10 Horror OR Comedy
Oct 11 Wood OR Metal

Oct 12 Smooth OR Rough

Oct 13 Lucky OR Unlucky

Oct 14 Love OR Hate

Oct 15 Left OR Right

Oct 16 Numbers OR Letters

Oct 17 First OR Last

Oct 18 Paper OR Plastic

Oct 19 Peaceful OR Chaotic

Oct 20 Nature OR Nurture
Haha! The only way I can be a nature person for a short while is at Jurassic Park.

Oct 21 Haunted OR Empty

Oct 22 Rodents OR Birds
Oct 23 Hot OR Cold

Oct 24 Waking OR Dreaming
Oct 25 Book OR Movie

Oct 26 Matte OR Shiny

Oct 27 Sharp OR Dull

Oct 28 Masculine/Male OR Feminine/Female

Oct 29 Bravery OR Cowardice

Oct 30 Capture OR Freedom
Oct 31 Demons OR Saints 

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