Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Prisma, My Foot & Other Horrors: A High-Power Rant

While half the planet was heavily self-absorbed in creating graphical distortions of their faces using the Prisma app (it is supposed to be an art thing) *sighs* *rolls eyes to the back of the skull*, I have been working. And while the other half of the planet was busy stampeding nooks and corners in search of rare Pokemons, I was still working. I say this with a tinge of complain in my tone because let’s face it I am still human. I am the most thankful and the most grateful person I know and nothing can cut me short of saying that I am indeed the happiest girl on the planet. But … there are quite a few reasons the planet can give you to sulk about.

There was the Paparazzi Aunty that invaded my privacy and triggered a volcanic eruption in the core of my soul. You can read that rant in the Desi Diaries: “The Paparazzi Aunties: Zara Pose Tou Banayen”.

Then, there was the annoying gardener who wouldn’t listen to me and my garden practically started turning into the Amazon rainforest and I had to hunt for a new gardener before Tarzan could have found home there. Turned out that the previous gardener had taken the liberty to break a lot of sprinkler heads in the lawn and considering the kind of expense those repairs are each year (because somebody decides to go Freddy Kreuger with the lawn mower) I am planning to have the irrigation system closed off. They’ve asked me to turn off the water flow from the main pipe that feeds the system and I am planning to go down the utility room and do the honors. But before I do that I will have to re-think the cons of the idea because I have a feeling that with a broken back and a lazy brother at hand, my chances of watering the garden are near zero. I might as well have the repairs done and keep the system running?

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Okay, as if one crazy garden wasn't enough for me --- the very spawn of the beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk propped up at one of my rentals. The tenants sort of 'overlooked'. So the rest of my August will be a lot about having weeds pulled, houses cleaned, and looking at some seriously gnarly, crazy mess.

Let's see it in Prisma shall we? O, yes! Prisma makes everything look better.

Think that was crazy? There would be more! O, you'll see it alright --- provided I keep my temper and remember to take pictures! Speaking of pictures --- presenting the beanstalk --- and its family!


  1. Hahahahahaha!!! Awwww Abbie, I feel your sarcasm sooooo well! :D don't worry, I'll be by your side while you fight the demon garden horrors and I promise I won't prisma or pokemon!

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