Monday, April 4, 2016

Abbie Says: "#03 Cook Because You Can"

There is a fellow called Benjamin in Spain [you know who you are if you are reading] who challenged me to cook Paella [a traditional Spanish recipe] while I was battling depression. I do not know who he was [perhaps a godsend] who commented on my cookery on an online journaling website [Open Diary]. The kid was himself undergoing a tough time in life. I said cooking was keeping me sane and he agreed! He was seeing a shrink who was abusing a lot of psychological drugs on him and he convinced me that I could certainly do without them [because I wondered if I needed to see someone] if I take my angst to the kitchen. Of course, when you converse with someone on a journaling website who agrees with you --- you are basically indirectly self-talking. So, there I was --- clueless, cooking a rice dish that combined shrimp and chicken [two meats from different zones of understanding!]. That star-crossed combination actually worked and the Paella turned out amazing.
Ladies, a big piece of life advice I give is that you MUST cook! There is no excuse like "I don't know how to cook" because trust me --- women are born with the primal instinct of ruling the kitchen. The bug is inside you, you just need to tickle it. They say the world's finest chefs are men --- I say even finer are the women who raised them! 
Cooking = Catharsis
Anger can be drowned in bubbling gravy, sorrow can be shredded with the vegetables, dislike can be crushed in the blender, and negativity can be fried in hot oil!

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  1. You're so frikkin cool you need to be quoted everywhere!


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