Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fall Basket Cake

Can the planet believe that this is my basket weave piping technique debut? I have never covered my cake with fondant. So, I was not planning to create a disaster for Sara's birthday. So I stayed away from fondant. Sara gave me her special chocolate frosting recipe for the basket weave and I studied a tutorial or two before attempting it. My idea was to create a Fall flower basket. Of course I do surreal colors which is why there is a green flower there. My color palette was mango, burgundy, green, and chocolate brown. Oh, how I loved creating those colors. And then, I decided to stud the basket with gold pearls (dragees). 
That's my little ensemble for Sara. She's not just my baby sister, she is my best friend for life. I do not need friends. She's a baking maestro and literally my guru. My biggest challenge was to match at least Sara's basic standards. Imagine ... trying to bake and decorate for a baker/decorator. She was guiding me through the entire process as usual. 

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I decided to do the top with rose piping. It covers the cake beautifully and is less work than the basket weave.


  1. 1. YOU are MY guru, not the other way round.
    2. That cake wasn't a basic standard, it was a mind blowing piece of awesomeness!
    3. I love you SO much you can't even come close to understanding <3



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