Sunday, November 22, 2015

Butterbeer Memories From The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

It sounds too good to be true until I find Sara and myself standing at the Butterbeer cart in Hogsmeade Village at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, ordering a Frozen Butterbeer. The moment the magical concoction touches our taste buds, we know the dream has come true!

This fellow was pretty happy to be in the photo, he actually slowed down and faced my camera. I feel he has one of the best jobs in the world. He gets to overhear super happy conversations of people super excited about getting their first Butterbeers. And then there are folks deciding whether to get the souvenir glass or not. 

The cart itself looks like a giant barrel and faucets pour frozen and liquid Butterbeer day and night! Once we actually saw a server getting inside the barrel to restock the Butterbeer or something. So we know the entire barrel is not full of Butterbeer *HAHA* There's got to be a machine inside.

That's one of my favorite alleys at Hogsmeade. It runs behind Dervish and Banges and we often sit there with our backs propped against the brick walls and drink our Butterbeers. 

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