Saturday, November 28, 2015

At The End Of The Day When All's Made & Done

Here lies the after-mess of a hard two-days party planning. This was my very first paper DIY I believe. Those fluffy pom poms are made from tissue paper and I thoroughly enjoyed making them. I have a feeling my Gothic self will make black, red, and purple combinations of these poms for my study. I was cooking for what seems like eternity for two days straight. The menu is a fusion of Desi [Indian/Pakistani], Mediterranean, and [possibly] Peruvian. That will be my big reveal in the days to come. Hopefully I'd be putting up recipes as well. 
Sara is responsible for this mountain of mess. She spent 12 hours making a beautiful cake for our princess. The two-tiered gem of a creation will be ready for its big reveal on Sara's Baked Creations Facebook page very soon. The amazing creation this time has a fantastic, tantalizing new flavor of filling, and some seriously intricate and beautifully done decorative techniques. The cake inshaAllah [God Willing] will be eye candy as well as food for the soul!
The princess seemed to be enjoying the preparations too! I cannot wait to see her reaction when she sees the full decor and the cake. Towards the completion of her 1st year on this crazy planet, she's learned walking and has popped out 4 teeth altogether! 
I am sitting with a heat pad on my guts as I type this entry [P.S. watching Bigg Boss 9]. That, I guess, is required at the end of the day because well ...

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