Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bloglanders Issue 1 (Review): Relationship With Your Blog

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I never let go an opportunity to spill my heart out for creative initiatives calling for expressionism. I have been following the blogworks of a talented, young, eighteen-year-old miss called Areeba Siddique from Karachi. Her adventures from my hometown are astonishing, considering I was not able to enjoy all those privileges when I inhabited that city many years ago. Back in my time people followed the equation:

Blogger = Freak Of The Internet World 

Anyways ...

When Areeba announced a monthly ezine project on her blog Not Your Type Blog, I was all up and moving. I could feel her adventurous literary vibe buzzing in the cybersphere. And so I wrote. The theme for the debut issue was Relationship With Your Blog. I have been a blogger since time immemorial. My first blog was an immature ranting portal. The website died and it was lost. But that is where I found my blogging voice. Then, a couple of more blogs got deleted as I struggled to find the right tone, the right theme, and the right expressionism. 

Finally, I found my one true love - my blog for ages to come - Abbie's Adventure Diaries. I share an extra special relationship with my blog and Areeba's theme hit the spot. I got to typing up my feelings and instantaneously there was my debut piece for Bloglanders. Bloglanders and I have a connection now. 

I liked reading every piece in the ezine. 

Areeba wrote in "Save Me My Dear Blog" that she enjoys reading her words. I feel the same! In her piece she writes about how her blog MADE her become the person she is now. I feel the same! My blog has pushed my limits as well. I have also written about how it made me crack out of my shell. 

The ezine has just begun so it is still a baby. But there is great potential there because Areeba has a strong following in the blogosphere. I have a feeling she will get many more writers and it would grow bigger and bigger. My ultimate favorite bit about the ezine is the illustration. Areeba is a brilliant artist and the drawings and graphics she makes are simply awesome. I can see myself printing the Bloglanders logo for my pinboard, because I am Team Bloglanders now. 


  1. Omg thank you so much for writing so beautifully! Can't wait to have you in another issue of the zine! Yes you're a vvvv golden member of the team :)

    1. I am so happy to be featured Areeba!

  2. I just discovered your blog from Areeba's retweet and I'm sure I'll come back here again :)
    I loved reading the first Bloglanders zine and I really hope to be part of it the next month :)You guys made a really good job xoxo.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting me. I loved Bloglanders too. It's still naive but it's got that diary feel that you can fall in love with. It is going to blossom! Areeba's illustrations are going to add so much sweet and spice to it! I'll be visiting you!


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