Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Photography Month (OctoPhoMo) 2015

I participate in the October Photography Month every year since time immemorial. It is one of my favorite Fall traditions. It started off on Open Diary (now closed), and online journaling website. Now, it is run by Cat Mommy on Prosebox. They post the prompts and I follow around or create my own. The deal is to post a photo a day in October.

My OctoPhoMo 2015 Banner Photograph

Oct 01 Selfie 
I was in a closet for this one and my Selfie arm was covered with cobweb cloth. Ghostface is my most favorite scary movie villain. Consider OctoPhoMo 2015 open!

Oct 02 Fall Leaves
I'm plucking leaves for a Fall Bucket List collage. They are resting on a crochet coffee cup sleeve (mom-made) and a roll of burlap. The bracelet is a Harry Potter inspired item. 
Oct 03 Nightmares
Bugs are nightmares. Period. No explanation needed.
Oct 04 Family Tradition
OctoNovember is the Birthday Fest is the family's birthday fest. Each birthday girl (all ladies have OctoNovember birthdays!) gets a special lunch/dinner treat. It's pretty overwhelming and dieting is not an option.
Oct 05 Crazy Hairdo
Meet my mountain troll. I got this guy from Norway where they are popular mythical creatures. He has the most crazy hairdo in all of my toys/souvenir collection.

Oct 06
Crochet has always been a super twisted craft and I fear I would not be able to do it if I attempt it. The burlap jar cover has been done by Maa for Abbie's Happy Thoughts jar.

Oct 07 Childhood
10 1/2 months old baby niece taking over my desk.
Oct 08 Corn

From the streets of Mexico [also Los Angeles], the Mexican Street Corn is a popular name in street food. I added my own touch to the mayonnaise-based topping, and changed some cooking technique too, to present this brilliantly done Mayo-Mustard, Abbie's Cafe style Street Corn.
Oct 09 Message
Here's a little pre-Fall message I wrote on my chalkboard. It needs updating now that Fall is here. Soon.
Oct 10 Breakfast
The waffle maker is my favorite gadget this year. I make whole wheat waffles for breakfast often now. Sharing the recipe.

Oct 11

Oct 12 Rainbow
Oct 13 Hugs

Oct 14 Something Black

Oct 15 Macro

Oct 16 Clean OR Dirty

Oct 17 Scarecrows
Oct 18 Autumn Road

Oct 19 Haunted House
Oct 20 Body Part

Oct 21
 Creepy Crawly
Oct 22 City Life
Oct 23 Movie Night OR Backyards

Oct 24 Hayride OR Christmas Decorations

Oct 25

Oct 26 Relaxing

Oct 27 Candy

Oct 28 Blood

Oct 29 Laughing

Oct 30 Frankenstein

Oct 31 Trick or Treat OR Halloween/Costume Party

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  1. Loved it!!!
    Though I'm not sure that freaky clown is exactly laughing there! Haha!
    OctoPhoMo was so much funnnnnnnnnnn. Can we have two Octobers in the year please?


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