Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Mesage In A Bottle": Ode To Aylan Kurdi & Many Others

You capsized and drowned this day
In your own ocean of hate and abomination,
In your agenda of forced domination.
How can you close borders?
For those seeking a peaceful future?
Your system is badly punctured!
You bleed pus of a moral gangrene!
And you need a moral suture!

Little Aylan, he did not know
When he must have choked on salt
What he did to deserve this?
What was his family's fault.
Little hero you played your part;
Delivered the message you were destined for,
May your soul peacefully depart.
And now I pray,
May this message;
In a regime of living corpses,
Swims to the shores of humane minds
And delivers a powerful synopsis.

He's a "Message In A Bottle",
His silence is a heart-splitting scream
To awaken...
Hearts that sleep a cold sleep
Eyes that let tragedy go unseen.
May you lose your night's sleep,
May you lose your day's peace.
Until you cease war, 
Until you provide asylum.
Until you deliver justice.


My heart could not find peace. So I wrote this.

This poem is a tribute to the Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi who lost his life from drowning as his family tried to row across the Mediterranean to Greece to escape the horrific Syrian Civil War (2011 -present). The boat capsized and he drowned along with his 5 year old brother Ghalib and mother. Syria's neighbors have been very cold about allowing Syrian refugees into their territories for asylum and countless refugees have attempted similar escapes. It is as if they are fighting a lost battle. They stay home, they die, they leave home they die or suffer the consequence of delocation. As Aylan's little, lifeless body dressed in a "soaked red shirt, blue bottoms and tiny velcro-strap shoes" washed up on the beach of a Turkish resort of Bodrum, humanity was put to shame. There are just so many to blame.

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