Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend Babble: Slave Like A Dog Week #Landlordlife #Homemaker


Last Sunday was a Mall Day and evening BBQ. The Mall was seriously hot inside because of the glass ceiling throughout and the scorching sun burning down. Even Menchies had run out of the No Sugar Added Flavor. I got done what needed to be done. My mother had smashed her iPhone screen and I was looking for somebody to replace it. Cellairis replaced the screen for $120 *insert boggling eyes here* That's how expensive it it to replace a shattered screen in this world. My brother said the phone cost $200 and you change phones every year so it was a major loss. Well, we are not changing our smartphones unless they crash due to software wearing out. That's what happened last year and we ended up getting iPhone 6.

There was nothing new at Hot Topic, no good deals, and everywhere else everything was just ordinary. I can't wait for Fall to begin. That's when all the fun begins. Victoria's Secret had amazing deals going on though and we were fools to not buy anything because of sheer indecisiveness. I am definitely going back to empty my pockets there.
I have never BBQ-ed with my own hands. I live in the constant fear of burning the chicken to a corpse on the grill. I sat there being un-useful and taking selfies and photos.


Cockroaches (cuckarachas in Spanish) are pretty stubborn. I heard they can survive a nuclear apocalypse. Well, I don't know about that but they had begun nesting in the kitchen of one of my rentals. TERMINIX said I need to get repeat services. Tuesday was a re-service and I got to see dead bodies. And just when I thought I had rid the world of roaches, Aragog started nesting on one of mu surveillance cams!


I shop at Costco Wholesale and I have realized that some items are cheaper at Walmart/Giant. So I am figuring out the rates per units so I have all buying decisions sorted out. For instance, Canola Oil is cheaper at Costco per liter whereas Oats are cheaper at Walmart. So, I have to jog around a lot at Walmart and Giant, comparing prices since Giant doesn't disclose any prices online. Top buy from Costco was the Kirkland Hard-Anodized Aluminum Cookware. I had pots and pan that were burning and eating up half my food. Well, they've been cooking curries and gravies for several years now. It was high time I switched to something heavy! Good! Let's see how long Kirkland lasts.

I also shop at Desi (Indian/Pakistani) grocery stores because some things are just better Desi! It is always a treat to find Desi stuff there! Like Mr. Bachchan on the Royal Basmati.


I have a broken back. Period! I gave up on mopping with the wool bristles mop, and then the Swiffer. I couldn't do it anymore. I saw Crazy Eyes buffering the prison floors with such ease in Orange Is The New Black. So I thought why not look up a commercial grade floor cleaning machine. Okay so those cost a fortune, but I found Hoover Floormate Deluxe instead! Revolution! Before and after photos show everything. 

Oooooohhhhh! How I HATE hardware stores. Okay, I hated Gizri's Grace Center in Karachi because men used to X-ray me with their boggling eyes. Here, it is common to see women buying hardware for home projects. But I still hate the hardware store for the masculine ethos it has. It is like each aisle is announcing "I am a man and I rule the world" and I had no clue where hydraulic cement was in Building Materials. I know how to use it from all the work I have had done in waterproofing over the past couple weeks, but I couldn't find it! So I left! For another day. I shall conquer you, you zone of the masculine! I am Lady Hercules after all.


Thursday was high blood pressure day for me. Literally, my ears were blocked! I hired a maid for cleaning up my rental and she ditched me. I was waiting outside the house for half hour and she started playing a deaf retard when I called. All my repeat calls were just never picked up! How rude is that? That's what happens when you talk to unlicensed people. The craziest thing was me waking up super early and driving 7 miles!

There were carefree times when I used to moon gaze from my bedroom window behind my writing desk and feel like a poet. Now, I sit on the throne and sigh because that is one of the free moments I get in life.
I have officially survived the 'Slave-Like-A-Dog' Week. My tenants have moved in and are playing acoustic guitars in the house. Grocery's been done. My house has been cleaned - except for some manageable areas, and Sara took care of the bulk cooking! I was waiting for Sunday like Jack and Rose were waiting for a life boat! I stayed afloat though.
#Landlordlife Cleaning done! Tenants are now playing acoustic guitars on clean territory

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