Friday, August 7, 2015

Chocolate Thunder at Chef Paolino Cafe

I chose the most insane beverage I could pick from the menu at Chef Paolino Cafe. Chocolate Thunder! That's what they call one of their cappuccinos. It read frothed chocolate and whipped cream. There is nothing better than that to sink one's troubles, dilemmas, doubts, and about in. 
The barista poured chocolate sauce into the cup while my low-carb diet plans died somewhere inside me. It was one of those huge squeeze bottles that usually have ketchup or mustard loaded in them. He just inverted it over the cup and emptied it out it seemed, all in my cup! Then a sachet of cocoa went in! The hot chocolate type, and milk. WHIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! went the frothing machine and SQUISHHHHHH! went the whipped cream dollop on the top. And there I was, sipping the crazy delicious chocolate Thunder.

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