Thursday, June 25, 2015

Garden Sweet Garden #facepalm

"Very welllll!" *Gilderoy Lockhart tone*

I am officially fed up of our garden. It comprises of a giant front lawn and a backyard. If it were up to me, I would have concrete poured all over the place to get rid of every tree, shrub, weed, bush, ALL HERBAGE! There were low-growing ground bushes that looked like zombies - had them removed. A fat holly tree started poking its girth into my dish and we lost signal. There were freaky weeds growing in the flower beds. Ton of yard waste ladies and gentlemen. Our regular gardener is busy pretending to be Prince of Persia or something and decided to disappear without notice. Next, he showed up at everybody's house except ours. Go figure. So I had to contact a bunch of other guys who did the job. 

Mum and I have to think of some beautiful landscaping ideas to cover the dirt that's come out from under the bushes after they've been removed. Pebbles perhaps to stop water runoff!

Another pending issue was a broken pressure valve in our irrigation (garden sprinkler) system. Once that was replaced, the technician switched on the sprinklers! One of the heads did not come on! Know what that means? It was a leak underground from a pipe. So he dug! And found waterlogged underground area. PUDDLE! Peww! Puddle began growing bigger and bigger as the leak was exposed. So he got a vacuum to suck water out of the ground and fixed the leak. The sprinklers are all set to spray the yards! But it has been raining bulls and dinosaurs (cats and dogs is an understatement!) and I haven't watered the grass ever since. I am waiting to get a dry spot in the week to run the sprinklers cycle for myself! 

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