Wednesday, April 29, 2015

YOLO! So Dhoom Macha Lay!

If life's one big stunts ground, I am no less than Evel Knievel. As I kissed my academic life goodbye for good, I took an oath to myself. "I shall live for myself in the little moments I get for myself." YOLO philosophy has started working for me. The change came in because I realized that I was doing too much for everybody and it was exhausting me out. So when me and Chum Sara were on our Grad trip we decided to:
  • Have all the insane, system-wrecking desserts
  • Do cray things like the elevator dance
  • Sing cray songs while walking the theme parks
  • Yelling for no reason on 3D rides
  • Turning a deaf ear to everything and everyone else

Not all things in life need to have an explanation. Not all actions are backed by purpose. Mark these words, I said them. So when you decide to touch the Hand Of Glory at Borgin and Burkes, don't think about what happened to Harry Potter. You never know, it could even shake your hand and say hello. 

"Dung Bombs Freshly Delivered Every Day" - that actually holds true for life as well, and not just for Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. There is a new stinker every other day and you know you've got to clean it up. So, when there are little chunks of gifted time when you can really become the escape artist of your own kind, let it loose - the madness that is!

You see the look on the frog's face? He's from the Magical Menagerie at Diagon Alley and he couldn't care any less.

And so I ride


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