Monday, April 27, 2015

Wand For Me! From The Ollivanders™ Shop

My first wand from Ollivanders is a gothic black one with silver work that looks like metallic studs. It clicked with me the moment I saw it and yes! I felt the light shine on me and the winds blow to ruffle my scarf away when I picked this up.

While we were at the shop, a random kid got picked for wand trials. Sara and I practically jumped our bums to get picked but alas! This fellow was not even half excited about what was happening all around him with each flick of the wand. 

I have a Death Eater's wand by the way. It's a Narcissa Malfoy wand to be exact. See? I am not a goody two shoes at all. But considering my love for the good side, I would have destroyed Voldemort with my words alone.


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