Thursday, April 2, 2015

Age Without Growing

Peter Pan and the boys swore never to grow up. In my fantasy state of mind I have sworn the same. But I can feel age creeping up while I am asleep. One day the feet I'd put out of my bed will be wrinkled and crooked. I can't stop that from happening, really, there are no potions. And I am the type who would love to get grey in my hair! I am the eldest child; the funny first pancake, and have always been considered the most mature. The pressure and expectations aged me with more speed. I was a tiny little granny inside a five year old. As years piled on, challenges increased and experiences toughened. They quadrupled the age of my mind. But I feel that in my fantasy state of mind I was able to retain a much younger self. It chooses not to display itself before anyone because of the fear of being judged (misjudged). It is a treat though, to age without growing on the inside and I can now pen down a few ways in which I feel I have done that.

Believe In The Surreal
I have always believed in the unreal and that is what makes up my fantasy state of mind. Reality is pretty sharp and astringent, and it needs to be blotted out at the end of the day. The surreal actually helped me blot the day out. I have always believed that there is a battle of good vs evil happening on my planet.

Give Myself Quality 'Me Time' Regularly
To reset my mind and tune it back to its crazy self, I reserve parts of the day for myself only. These are hard to find and sometimes I feel I don't get them. In that case, I reserve some moments before I sleep to induce some moments of quiet reflection. The voices in my head need to be heard or they will drive me insane, and so the Me Time.

Being Proud Of My Madness
My insanity has been perceived as immaturity through the ages. It seems like I am Dewey Finn from School Of Rock and I have so many Ned Schnibleys and their girlfriends howling on my head for waking up and taking a bite of reality. I take my own stage dives, I like singing nonsense, and I rock to my own beats every day.

Cheat On My Diet Once In A While
Low glycemic, low fat, low carb, blah blah blah makes a person feel pretty old and diseased. And, not to forget the daily dose of multivitamins and supplements and yaddi yaddi yada. Every once in a while I cheat on my diet - badly! By badly I mean Starbucks Classic Coffee Cake, or Salted Caramel Cake Pop, okay!?

These are just some of the things I do to age without growing. Everybody cannot be Peter Pan, and real life Captain James Hook are pretty terrifying.

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