Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#iGraphy Foodventures

This traditional Indian lady statuette sits at the reception of my favorite Indian restaurant. The silver metal boxes carry toothpicks and Pan Masala (mix of fennel seeds and coriander seeds used as a mouth freshener chew). It is the safe kind that has no betel nuts to give you mouth cancer. These are actually healthy, they aid digestion. 
Another Chai photo. This cup is Masala Chai from my favorite Indian place again. Right besides it are my keys. I took the ladies out over the weekend to kill the depressing spell from overwork and doctors visits. My keys hang in a Mortal Instruments lanyard right besides Thorin's key to Erebor and The Hobbit keychain.
Another up close look at candy coated fennel seeds in the mouth freshener. That ring is my personal favorite. It has a gypsy feel to it. The red ruffles are from a deluxe cushion in Sara's ultra deluxe car. P.S. my skin could use moisturizing. 
I cannot seem to stop talking about the Indian restaurant for this very reason. The green stuff is Palak Paneer (Spinach and Cheese), then the chicken drumstick's pretty self-explanatory, then under it is Uttapam (rice flour pancake), and in the middle is chicken tikka masala. The dark brown in one of the metal bowls is goat curry, and the yellow is vegetable Korma. There's also half a samosa and half a Mendhu Vada (lentils doughnut) if you can tell. 
Inspired by Noor, I had Chai in my mason jar mug. I'd bought it for serving drink recipes, but this was a classic experience. Little did I know that having Chai in a mason jar mug is practically the coolest thing ever. P.S. I have also bought a chalkboard FINALLY! There were so many and they are all the buzz right now. This is a magnetic + chalk board combo and it cost me $10. It has two attachments that help prop it up like an easel, and there are two white chalks included. Plus, there are nails to help put this on a wall. I am going to use the easel attachments. 
I finally got my Caramel Flan Frappuccino this weekend. I had made a mental note to myself that when I have to try a new flavor specialty, I must do the frappe because that's when they actually add the right amount of syrup. This was delicious! It did seem like drinking the dessert!

Yikes! Look at the time! I must sum up now, I am super sleepy. Until next Saturday!

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  1. I love the first photo. It's SO vibrant and traditional. Mason jars are fun. I've been drinking every single beverage or even water in mine. It's an essential TBH.


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