Sunday, February 22, 2015

Abbie Plays Kanta Ben On A Halwa Puri Weekend

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Salam & Greetings Khawateen-o-Khawateen! [Ladies & Ladies]. Today's Garam Chai ki Piyalee is courtesy of a classic local Indian restaurant where I hang out with my girls [Mommie and Bestie Baby Sister Sheratoonz].

Weekends are always a big deal for me mostly because I am getting a break from being the Ladies' Chauffeur. This fortunate convenience happens when there is no doorbuster sale at Macy's and we have had our fair share of Starbucks Coffee throughout the week. It is like a two days vacation from hospital/therapy appointments and grocery pickups. Abbie does not get "real" weekends. This means that there are no lazy couch potato hours [unless I land a big zukaam [flu] or hog down a muscle relaxant which tranquilizes me like they tranquilize dinosaurs at Jurassic Park]. I am seen playing Kanta Ben - a multi-talented individual who is capable of cooking, cleaning, and tolerating insane housemates. This lady's emotional tolerance level is remarkable. Meet Kanta Ben.

In my role as Kanta Ben, I am seen cooking, cleaning, doing the giant dishes from the cookery, and more chores on the weekends. The difference between me and Kanta Ben is that she does not pay bills and attends to emails online. Oh, and sari is not my thing either. Laundry was a bonus chore for me these days since Bestie is on leave from the chores following her surgery. So, she was the couch potato!

It is mandatory for me to prepare a treat for the family on the weekends. Not all members are vocally appreciative of the fact that I work my fingers to the bone, but well ... you cannot please everyone, right? 
So, it was Halwa Puri Weekend as the Abbie's Cafe's Green Menu Board announced. I need to do a D.I.Y. spell on this board to make it look like an Abbie's Cafe endorsement. But for the time being, it would do.
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I began cooking the Aloo Chholay ki Bhaji [Potato and Chickpeas Curry] at about 10 am, and began frying Sooji [Semolina] alongside. Soon, the Sooji ka Halwa [Semolina Helvah] and Aloo Chholay ki Bhaji were smoking in the dishes. Fatafat I kneaded some dough [using the Kitchenaid mixer borrowed from Sara's Baked Creation's Secret Pantry], and rolled our Puris and fried 'em up. With the white whole wheat flour, I also fried some using organic whole wheat pastry flour. The ones with the pastry flour came out more like Bhaturay. Now what is the difference between a Puri and a Bhatura? Puris are the ones in the Tweet from my Halwa Puri menu. And Bhatura follows.

Bhatura is more flaky and crusty. And pastry flour does that without using any yeast so it's a bonus. Mum liked the Bhaturas more.

Despite being super tiring, this weekend was fantastic! I had been meaning to put up a Halwa Puri Weekend for so long. I could not find any Desi eatery close by that does Halwa Puri. My search isn't over yet, but until then I want this to be a thing at least once each month! 

Until the next weekend, don't forget to live! Do the Happy Singh dance! 


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