Saturday, January 31, 2015

Abbie's Adventurezine: "Cauldron Bubble! Toil & Trouble!" January 2015: Vol 2

January 2015: Volume 2

Salam and greetings, Middle Earthlings (Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, and Men), Shadowhunters, Muggles & Wizards, and my regular, non-mad friends! 

January has flown away, literally. It was, as expected, a very pressure-loaded month because of the mad rush of setting goals. When I say goals, I mean not just the year's goals but the goals for an entire generation, for an entire lifetime! That's how my family functions - yes.

  1. Made a rocking start to the new year 2015 at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.
  2. Launched Abbie's Adventurezine.
  3. Tried hydrotherapy at the chiropractic's.
  4. Got published in a big shot magazine.
  5. Created Brussel Sprouts Masala Curry recipe.
  6. Watched The 3 Idiots with Bestie.
  7. Watched DDLJ with Bestie. 
  8. Survived a personal, emotional attack.

I love Brussel Sprouts [they have a naughty reputation for giving you gas, but my love is unconditional] and January became the month when they had to be defrosted to become part of yet another delicious creation. It was a Masala Curry this time. The secret to cooking them is poaching (boiling in little water with spices). Recipe's down below ...


Don't miss the crazy January comics. January took me on a wild ride and it's pretty clear that there certainly are greater demons to fight this year. I found myself being strong for Bestie and she did the same for me. We made it through January with plans of eloping to Hogwarts! *winks* 

ABBIE'S COMICS: JANUARY>> New Year & Avoiding The Well

My last luncheon of 2014 was at the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando with Bestie and the rest of the family. I had been a great fan of rock music back in my teens when I was a music person. Bestie and I toured the largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world and revived my days of Aerosmith! Read my great dining adventure ...

Watch out for the next Abbie's Adventurezine on February 15, 2015.

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