Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Abbie's 2015 Resolutions *winks*

I am one of those gazillion super-talented women who conjure up new year resolutions and forget them as January draws to a close. I am a proud new year's resolutions assassin. The most compromised is the most popular one about weight loss. I can humor myself no further in this regard because despite fitting in the size 14 category I am petrified by the cases they show on TLC. As is, I never shed my psychological fat skin when I lost at least 20 kg weight. On top of that, I gained about a couple of kilos after losing all that weight. Plus, I feel it is "the more the merrier" in this matter.

I need to party like a Hobbit once in a while considering the chaos that 2014 was. Working on an Elf-ish beauty is definitely a big goal for 2015. I need to give time to myself! I need to drink like a dwarf! The drink is going to be fear, panic, stress, I am going to gulp it down. I am also going to fight like a man this year with a lot of dilemmas that haunted me in 2014. Smoking like a wizard would not really be possible but I'd definitely give my incense burning hobby some time. I am also going to work on the dragon bit *winks*

Fight Inner Demons
We all have them, ladies, and mine have been acting up lately. I need to slay some issues, insecurities, fears, and thoughts this year for good. This is going to be a tough fight.

Control Panic Attacks
It was a secret oath (now, not so secret) I took when I was waiting in a 2 hour line for Harry Potter: The Forbidden Journey 3D ride at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. Mind you, loves, the panic attacks have nothing to do with the ride but with life's chaotic circumstances. I am always fretting about domestic issues and end up making that contorted, warped facial expression that makes people think I am chronically constipated. I need to get rid of those panic attacks.

Bring Back Abbie's Cafe
My love affair with cooking sort of lost its spark as it got caught in a violent hurricane of social / family circumstances. I have begun cringing at the sight of the spoon and stove, really. Something needs to be done in 2015 to bring back the master chef that I am. Perhaps some inspiration from Facebook groups might help?

Understand That The World Can Survive Without Me
I need to let go.

Lose Weight, Eat Right, & Exercise Regularly w/ Bestie
It needs to be done! 'nuff said.

Speak Out Loud; Annoyingly Loud!
I was known for my mischievous, and brutally honest written word. I could speak about anything and everything from the social buffoonery I am often exposed to. Since some time I have been laying low because as I have grown I have discovered a very evil side of the social planet. It is a very maliciously notorious kind of evil and I was left with a very bitter taste in my mouth after getting a dose of that. 2015 is going to be the year when the cynical, humorously sarcastic truth-telling comic Abbie is coming back.

Complete Sara's Baked Creations' Bakers' Pantry Project
This was supposed to be a graduation gift for Sara and the chaos of 2014 took away all the time that was reserved for the project. This has to complete in 2015.

Re-Kindle The Book-Reading Habit
O'course when you overindulge in the mundane life of being a homemaker you put your most loved hobbies into oblivion. I used to be a serious book lover once - long, long ago. Last year I managed to read The Mortal Instruments series all the way to the third book. I have yet to finish the finale book and then dive head-straight into The Infernal Devices. I have a Book List for 2015 ready, and it can be read HERE ... 

Attend to My Inner Poet
There is a magnificent maestro of the likes of Lestat de Lioncourte inside my heart whom I have ignored for a long time. Meet Milo Lazarus! We, Lazarus and Abbie Dragonblood, need to have a drink together, sort out our differences, and start making poetry in 2015 for certain.

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