Monday, January 19, 2015

Abbie at the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

December 31, 2014 - The Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Orlando is the largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world. It looks like the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. If you have seen the movie Gladiator, the Colosseum is the concrete amphitheater in which the Gladiators fought monstrous beasts and super-human warriors to entertain the Caesar (Roman ruler). I personally love the architecture of this bloody amphitheater. From my trip to Rome I brought back a souvenir mini replica of the beautiful building from right outside its entrance. This was one of the reasons for me wanting to feast at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal, Orlando.

Hard Rock Cafe Orlando is located along the CityWalk entertainment strip at Universal Orlando Resort. I was accompanied by Bestie, of course, because we explore the world together and have solemnly sworn to share all adventures. That's my hard rock boot right there, and the sequinned silver sneaker is Bestie's. Our shoes reflect our personalities! Together, we feasted!

The cafe's entrance doors bear a pair of guitars in place of door handles. We decided we need to flash our Gryffindor sock-sleeves while holding the guitars. Rock on! Our vegetarian feast comprised of: Hard Rock Nachos, Onion Rings, Mushroom & Swiss Burger, and Veggie Leggie Burger.

We are big about souvenirs and the Hurricane glass stole my heart. We ordered our Diet Coke in a souvenir glass and the mango berry something cooler came in to take our senses on a tangy, wild ride. We got to drink the Diet Coke and then were asked to collect a fresh, new, packaged souvenir Hurrican glass from the Rock Shop. Rock Shop tour is down below, keep reading. 

The nachos were amazing! I mean, who could have imagined that simple tortilla chips could be so rocking good?! There was cheese melting down from the pile of chips, there was spicy salsa scattered all over, and there was creamy dressing to compliment.

Any diner that serves onion rings like a tower wins my heart. The last time I had an onion rings tower was at Red Robin, yummmmmm! Hard Rock Cafe's Onion Rings tower was delicious, undoubtedly. 

Veggie Leggie burger had a scrumptious veggie patty and garden vegetables topped with a melting cheese slice. The serving style was hard rock too! The knife was stabbed with serious hard rock style into the burger. This was not my regular kitchen knife, it was a rockstar's knife. So, I can definitely not replicate this style at home unless I invest in Hard Rock knives, aye? 

The Mushroom & Swiss Burger featured my favorite portabello mushroom and the veggie patty. 

Our cappuccino (Lavazza) was too small! I love Lavazza but I like more in my cup for the price Hard Rock Cafe charges. It finished too soon. *insert sad face here*

Hot Fudge Brownie and Ben & Jerry's ice-cream were our desserts of choice. The fudge brownie came with a scoop of ice cream topped with caramel sauce. Of course this was serious indulgence on our part. The ice cream serving looked humongous, but was two huge scoops for real topped with serious load of whipped cream.

The Hard Rock Cafe was definitely a Colosseum of Rock inside. There was rock music memorablia on each wall, each ceiling, each pillar! I found Aerosmith's jacket!

The Cafe is multi-level and at the ground floor level are the Rock Shop and a bar. 

This rotating pink car was mounted on top of the bar right at the entrance. 

This spiral staircase is to die for. There is something Titanic-y about it. I say that because I keep recalling the staircases from Titanic (movie)! 

This is the ceiling of rock! The Rock Shop has this! 

An ultimate wall of pins at the Rock Shop. And I was thinking only I can have junk in my room.


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