Thursday, October 9, 2014

OctoPhoMo [October Photography Month] 2014

October Photography Month is one of the creative projects I participate in as the year comes to a climax. I found it on a diary-writing website (now offline) called Open Diary. Now, OctoPhoMo continues through various social media in bits and pieces by those who still have the feel for it. It is being administered by its patron Natasha a.k.a. Cat Mommy from Open Diary, and its is happening on which is a nice little alternative OD-ians have found in cyberspace to keep their journaling going. Catch the action at 

I created an account there specially for OctoPhoMo but I have a feeling the adventures will be more. *fingers crossed* I am doing this with my sister Bestie Sara this year. The link to her blog's OctoPhoMo entry is and the beautiful graphic banner with Fall leaves is her contribution to OctoPhoMo. The masquerade one is mine. 

Oct 08 Rainbow OR Pets

Oct 13 Priceless OR Worthless

Oct 14 Fear OR Inner Child

Oct 15 What’s Cooking? OR Body Part

Oct 16 Babies (animal or human) OR Smiles

Oct 17 Reflection OR Weather

Oct 18 Angel OR Insect

Oct 19 Country Life OR City Life

Oct 20 Leaves OR Bats

Oct 21 Faith OR Tradition

Oct 22 Witch OR Vampire

Oct 23 Pumpkin Patch OR Pumpkins

Oct 24 Orange OR Black

Oct 25 History OR Future

Oct 26 Woodland Animal OR Candles

Oct 27 Halloween Decorations OR Candy

Oct 28 Frankenstein OR Wolfman

Oct 29 Video Game OR Autumn Scene.

Oct 30 Spooky OR Comfort

Oct 31 October Birthdays OR Tricks & Treats

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