Monday, April 21, 2014

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My first cooking was for a Girl Guides' cooking challenge in eighth grade. For real, I started cooking sometime around 2007 / 2008 as a hobby. The first serious recipe was a paella. Came 2010, and I took over as the Home Chef, and I haven't set fire to the ol' place - not once! We are a Desi, brown family so we take our cooking seriously! Our houses smell of curries!

Abbie's Cafe features my kitchen diaries, recipes, eating adventures, video / photo tutorials. Abbie's Cafe Index is your complete guide to all that. Besides the traditional Indian/Pakistani cuisine, I am very big about low-glycemic and sugar-free recipes. Oh! And 'movie food' is another big interest. There are recipes inspired from foods in movies, for example The Three Broomsticks' Inspired Mac 'n' Cheese from Harry Potter, and tributes to movies, such as The Shadowhunter Cupcakes.

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