Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pizza Toppings to Love

I was practically feeling out of the world when I found Archer Farms Ultra Thin Pizza Crust [whole wheat] sitting there at Target. I had failed miserably at making pizza dough - and crust - at home with whole wheat flour. It had practically turned out slightly undone and bitter. Archer Farms crust doesn't have excessive sugars and starches which makes it ideal for diabetics, fitness pro, and weight conscious folks.

One tip I'd like to give is that do use a buttery rub [butter and garlic melted together] of your choice to keep the crust soft. When exposed to air, it begins to curl and harden. It's winter time, so it's more of a problem. But the package comes with a moisture absorbing sachet inside, so I am guessing its its property to dry like that. While you work to set your toppings on it, sprinkle cheese, and pizza-fy it, it will dry up. Using a buttery rub on it - with a silicone brush will do wonders in terms of taste and flavor and also keep it soft.

I am going crazy inventing my own toppings. Sharing them with you. Stay tuned for more.

This was the very first and most simple topping. It always starts simple when I'm being too careful. I sautéed in a few drops of vegetable oil: sliced onion, sliced black olives, sliced mushrooms. I added a good sprinkle of Italian seasoning while the vegetables sauté. I sautéed them because the canned ingredients were moist despite being drained of their liquids. On the pizza crust, I brushed the butter-garlic rubbing, then topped it with tomato basil pasta sauce [sold at Target and Walmart as pasta sauce]. Then, I spread the sautéed vegetables over it. Of course, I hand-arranged the vegetables a bit because it don't want similar vegetables collecting in one place. Over the vegetables I sprinkled chopped cilantro, powdered Parmesan cheese, and some more Italian seasoning.
The pizza went in the oven for about fifteen minutes at 370 degrees.

To the same basic vegetable topping, I added shredded chicken to make the Tandoori topping. I used a chicken Tandoori spice mix with a few drops of vegetable oil to fry the shredded chicken before adding it to the pizza. 

For this I sautéed chopped pineapple chunks, sliced olives, sliced mushrooms, sliced onions, chopped red and green bell peppers in a few drops of vegetable oil, lemon and pepper seasoning, and Italian seasoning. Adding a few drops of Sriracha sauce did wonders. I did the same layering of garlic-butter rub and tomato basil pasta sauce. Then I spread out the vegetables evenly. Instead of powdered Parmesan, I used shredded Mozarrella cheese, sprinkled some more Italian seasoning and baked at the same temperature, same time.

To the simple, basic vegetable topping I added green bell peppers and MorningStar Farms Veggie Sausage Links vegetable sausage (sliced), and some pineapple chunks. I sautéed these with Italian seasoning and Stiracha sauce -few drops. The layering was the same, and I used shredded Mozzarella. This one is very delicious! 

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