Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DePhoMo18 Tis the Season to Shop

DePhoMo Day 18 "Tis the Season to Shop"
Tis true! I couldn't do more shopping at any time of the year but Fall and Winter. I'm a big miser in Spring and Summer. Target is a favorite place to be because my mother always hunts down the most gorgeous scarves from there while I sip my Starbucks java. I've never found anything suiting my taste except of course a couple of months back when I found a white lace dress that was perfect for an Isabelle Lightwood look from The Mortal Instruments. The coats at Target are very stylish! But ... super pricey! I have my big red Eskimo hood red coat that is probably going to last me until I become a grandmother.
Target, as usual, has the holiday festivity going and has a delicious candy section, and an ornaments sections that one shouldn't miss.

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