Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carlisle Nightly road trip and The Neverending Story

I am not a fan of night time road trips. I cannot see anything in the dark (most people don't!) and I am sleepy and tired after cooking for the trip all day long - not to forget the extra cleaning and scrubbing of the house that Mom puts me through.
The dislike started when a not-so-good idea of traveling to Canada by car popped up in Lord Gibbs' head. Everybody does it, but I have fibromyalgia and there is no way I can stand a super-long journey with restless legs cramped up in the back-backseat of an SUV. The stay itself was alright - with super good parts like watching The Mortal Instruments at AMC and meeting Ammara - but the trip was back-breaking despite the break journey. I ended up with butt sores!
 On Thanksgiving eve I started out for Pennsylvania - another road trip - with family. Sherris and I were - as usual - in the back-backseat of our brother's SUV. We'd picked up The Neverending Story double feature (parts 1 and 2) from Walmart the day before to minimize the darkness torture of the trip. It takes about 2 hours from MD to Carlisle, Penn state, BUT! (there is always a but) when you have to pick Halal Fried Chicken on the way from Baltimore you should expect more than 3 hours. The super awesome bit about road trips for me and Sherris is the freedom to eat junk! I picked up an M&Ms milk chocolate pack from CVS for the ride. It was freezing by the way which made getting off the van very, very nasty. The wind was blowing big time. I was thankful it wasn't raining, not even a drizzle, because it had been pouring felines and canines since the past two days.
The Neverending Story I is my childhood favorite - not to forget that I was in love with Atreyu, played by Noah Hathaway. For an old movie, the animatronics were fabulous and the story itself was very powerful. 

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