Monday, November 18, 2013

NJM18 Road Rage: Abbie the Cabbie / Finding ISON

Mondays are my road rage days for a number of frustrating reasons:
  • The weekend has ended and so has my chance to sleep in.
  • I have to be on the road for long hours for picking and dropping folks from and to their colleges.
  • Mom is suddenly in proactive grocery-doing mood.
  • In the road rush, tight end-to-end schedules, and grocery shopping, I don't get my Chai fix. Without the caffeine I am a bum!
  • The tailgating school buses are my frequent encounters and worst enemies.
Had physics not been a compulsory component, I would have been a space scientist, an astronaut, or an astronomer. I love the celestial world, the stories of the universe, and the possibilities of more worlds like ours out there. That's one of the reasons I enjoyed Thor *winks*
For a super long time NASA has been tracking the ISON comet, a.k.a. Comet of the Century. It is now passing by Earth and as of today it is bright enough to view from the naked eye. Really? Because I can't see it. Yesterday, the skies were 100% cloudy - like they were when the Super Moon happened. Today, the skies are clear. 

Mum and I were screaming with joy when a HUGE (serious!), blinking star showed up a good height up the horizon. We concluded it was ISON and that the tail could only be seen via a telescope. Now, I am not Jamie from A Walk To Remember and there is no Langdon around to construct me a ginormous telescope so I can see the comet. Anyway, we came home and I checked Twitter to find out what the comet actually looks like to naked eye. I knew that thousands must have already seen and photographed it. Yep! I found photos and to my disappointment I discovered that the bright star we saw was Spica - the 15th brightest star in the sky and the comet is supposed to be a star somewhere around it. There is also supposed to be a green tinge to it, and a TAIL! 

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