Tuesday, November 27, 2012

♪♫ Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold ♪♫ The Hobbit Premiere

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey premiered last night (9:50pm EST) in Wellington, New Zealand with the longest red carpet in the world, a Hobbit designed aircraft (Air New Zealand) flying overhead, and a chunk of the Shire set out on the street. Thousands of fans cheered in Gandalf hats, Elf ears, and Galadriel robes. I had all the more reason to show off my Halfling Slippers. I was attending the event LIVE, online.

People were excited! This was a Lord Of The Rings fan following out on the streets of Wellington and online from around the world. I was one of them! Cannot help saying it enough.

Sir Peter Jackson's arrival was highly anticipated and I do not blame the crowd from going bonkers when he stepped onto the red carpet with his beautiful daughter Katie Jackson. He's known as a perfectionist - Peter Jackson, and having been glued to the production vlogs of The Hobbit for an year now, I can confidently say that the man - like a dedicated artist - is committed to taking his masterpiece beyond limits of perfection.

The maestro was so confident about the groundbreaking technology that he had incorporated into the cinematic masterpiece, yet to be released to the public. We are talking 48 frames per second (FPS) here, HELLO larger than life!

Let me show off my film school basics a bit. One second of a movie that we see is made up of multiple images (frames). The more the number of frames, the higher the frame rate per second and the more real an image appears. So far 30 FPS has been the standard and it has been wow-ed upon as a brilliant near to reality visual experience. Say hello to 48 FPS!!! The technology has only been subject to trials in the filming arena, and Peter Jackson actually brought it to screen. THE HOBBIT IS OFFICIALLY THE FIRST FILM TO BE FILMED IN 48 FPS! The cast and crew claim that the audience should be prepared to have their minds blown away.

Peter Jackson was questioned about the backward filming strategy, the prequel after the sequels, to which he replied that the Lord Of The Rings trilogy was more achievable and having established the style and look of Middle Earth it would do wonders for The Hobbit. The director is in no mood to stop. After Christmas break he intends to resume shooting for two more sequels to The Hobbit. Hold on, this is going to be a long journey in Middle Earth.

The star of the show was Air New Zealand's Middle-Earth themed 777-300ER aircraft that flew over Wellington! A couple of weeks ago Air New Zealand launched a flight safety video, Middle-Earth style that was a revolutionary deal for all fans around the world. No fair! New Zealand is the official Middle-earth and Air New Zealand is the official Middle-Earth aircraft! I'm stuck in Maryland. If I have to ride this jet, I need to board from Los Angeles and fly to New Zealand. How's that?

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