Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Leaves In The Foyer & Instagram Love Affair

As rice boil, and Jalfrezi Chicken (chicken in tomato puree, bell peppers, onion, and green chilies) bubbles on the stove, I am writing/compiling another OctoPhoMo entry. Before we OctoPhoMo-ers know it, time shall fly and albums will fill up with gorgeous photos, immortalizing the best of the harvest season.

OctoPhoMo Day 02, Fall Leaves

I realized that my house follows a fall theme because my mother has a love for shades of amber, brown, gold, and burgundy in choosing dry decoration. So, instead of marching out into the backyard to capture some foliage, which is still not in full Fall colors, I decided to take a shot of some artificial leaves in the foyer. And then, there was Instagram! 

I read a photo developer's view of Instagram today. The Battling Bard explained how photos are cropped into squares and do not print well in rectangular. I agree, everything is an inconvenient square and I have to struggle with the decision of what to keep and what to compromise in the crop. But, alas, I cannot do without Instagram. Here's a comment I posted:

"It is only recent that I began using Instagram. Even though I can conjure up more effects with Adobe, I must agree Instagram kind of clicks. For one, I adore the way there's an App on my iPhone that can remix photos in a second, without me having to wait all day to get home and jazz them up with Adobe. And second, there's a pretty little widget on my blog with a slideshow :)"

There won't be a new OctoPhoMo icon today, I'm putting in the caramel apples from yesterday, because I'm superbly exhausted after a day of driving and cooking dinner.

My favorite featured photo from yesterday's prompt "Something Orange" is by TheLizzurd! A lot of folks shot pumpkins for the prompt, this was my favorite alternative pick.

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