Friday, October 5, 2012

Crazy October Continues

My brains are (watch the plural!) oozing out from my nostrils, the Fall flu is THAT bad! That, and the fact that I was busy setting up a party for Mom's birthday yesterday, is my excuse for missing out the OctoPhoMo photo entry. I shall do today's prompt first, then yesterday's and then tell you all about my new Kindle Paperwhite that arrived this morning, an early birthday gift from the family. Oh, and some photos from Mom's birthday party as well, details of the food shall be on the Madshack Cafe blog, inshaAllah (God Willing).

OctoPhoMo Day 5, Favorite Fall Outfit

This is one of the Fall outfits that I have put together from the lot. I am a major gypsy skirt fan, so there it is. The brand on the skirt says Forbidden, and I have no clue what that is. The cloth is a crinkled cotton with crochet belts and beads stitched around it, and the pattern is so beautiful. With that I have put together a Calvin Klien coudroy jacket, ideal for the super chills coming up, and a headscarf with classic Fall colors! The scarf has a paisleys floral print which is my absolute favorite. The jacket is stitched to fit the curves but very modestly, another favorite style. 

Yesterday's prompt now:

OctoPhoMo Day 04, Crazy Hat

Mom took this one, and then I Photoshop'd. She was more excited to see me in grey hair than I was. I'd look good in grey, I have decided to keep them then.

Kindle Paperwhite and my oatmeal

Kindle Paperwhite arrived in the mail this morning, an early birthday gift from my family. Love them! This is such a genius little gadget for a book enthusiast like me. I mean Edgar Allan Poe's Collection has been on my shelf for 2 years and I have only succeeded in reading the House Of Usher and a couple of poetic endeavors by the Gothic lord of fiction writing. With this baby I can download free versions of Kindle books available on Amazon and other sites and store them in the Kindle Library to read whenever I wish. I can stop complaining about waiting in lines at the doctors, at the MVA, or even the toilet! I have yet to figure out more about this black beauty.

Cupcakes Cake by Sara's Baked Creations

Moving on to my mother's birthday celebration, my sister assembled her first cupcakes cake. It was gorgeous, mashaAllah. I was there when she was working on this beauty, and helped her through her moments of creative brainstorming. I shall type up details soon on the Madshack Cafe blog.  Keep reading ... Till then, goodnight.  

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