Sunday, September 2, 2012

DC by Night Followed The Blue Moon

DC by night shows you scenes right out of a classic movie. These followed after I laid my eyes on the glorious after glow of the Blue Moon the same morning. Talk about eye candy. That's the only candy you can afford when you're on a sugar-free diet spree.
DC is a good hour long drive for me, but whenever I'm there I'm drawn to take photos of the landmarks, the shady neighborhoods that surround it, and the corporate America on the roads running off to their high profile offices with a Starbucks takeaway.
The night lights are my favorite photography, the most beautiful being the shots I took in Rome of the Colosseum and the gorgeous city itself. Nothing beats Rome, nothing!
The Blue Moon was ever glorious the morning after it shone at its zenith. It lit up the clouds around it, whatever little bits of fluff where there, on a clear sky. The night that followed, carried in a major thunderstorm in DC and Baltimore. The lightning practically ripped the skies, it seemed. The sounds were like those of bombs going off! I loved the whole package, except for some personal chaos that overshadowed the beauty of the evening.

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