Tuesday, June 12, 2012

JPM12 "Flower Garden"

I'm going to match the icons I'm making for June Photojournaling Month 2012 to match the prompts. It takes a wee bit more of effort to find the right image with a camera along with an element of the daily prompt, but I feel it's all worth it. 
Location: Walmart Garden Center
Date: June 2012
FX: Instagram filter

My mother is garden-crazy and having moved to the USA, self-maintenance, expensive gardeners, and pricey plants have taken away that element from her life. The condition of her spine also limits her ability to self-maintain a garden. There was an earthworms scare in my garden this April and that's another scary aspect to gardening. Who knows, we might disturb a gigantic earthworm spawn that lives under my garden. So, until we really get a good bargain on potted plants, my mother and I like visiting garden centers to check out the season's blooms. The Lil' Brat stands outside, waiting and watching, avoiding the bumblebees. Those are huge by the way.

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