Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Hobbit Production Video #7: Stone Street Studio Tour

It had been a while since I last checked The Hobbit's Facebook page and I have been waiting long enough, since January I believe, for the 7th production vlog. The 6th one was a brilliant New Year treat. Voila! the 7th one was there when I checked in today. I was delighted to see Peter Jackson again! It's like a virtual meetup with the maestro each time he shows up. This vlog was about the workings of the production studio Stone Street in Miramar, New Zealand. I was blown away by the incredible creative genius of all its departments, various technical and artistic directors, and a guest appearance by Legolas! Orlando Bloom that is. He has aged, of course, and doesn't look like the same elf prince from LOTR but I'm sure on reel he would appear exactly the same. That's the magic of movies.

Peter Jackson, in this blog, introduces the LOTR fanatics to Stone Street Studios, Miramar, Wellington New Zealand. It is the mammoth production facility which was used earlier to film the LOTR trilogy, King Kong, and now The Hobbit. The facility's expanse is covered in the blog via a replica map of Middle Earth which shows various stages and offices and departments instead of the locations of the Shire, Gondor, Rohan, Mordor, and so on. 

I shall not be doing justice to the blog if I don't write about each of its departments, so I shall proceed slowly and give you a tour of everything as I look at it, I have had adventures of my own while studying media sciences (shortly!) and visiting the Universal Studios. 

The Production Office was a serious, office-like place with assistant directors indulged in lots of paperwork script revisions and office tasks. It is from here that the schedules, scripts, and proceedings of the day are controlled. There is a Production Coordinator (that would be someone like me!), a Unit Production Manager, assistant coordinators, and a Production Secretary. The final scripts are dispatched from this office to actors scheduled to shoot for the day.

The Trailer Park is a designated area at the production studio where 21 trailers serve as almost permanent residence to the cast of The Hobbit. They have served the cast of LOTR earlier. To keep their morale up, actors have customized their living spaces with decorations from their home countries and memorable photographs. The trailers bear the names of the actors, their movie names that is. So you see Bilbo's, Gandalf's, and various others. 

There's more ... stay tuned.

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