Friday, March 9, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part I: Finally, I wrote a review

I developed a very strong sense of admiration for the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer back in 2009 or 2010. I was oblivious to the fact that they were making a movie on it and it would transform into the most insane of all crazes, followed by celebrity crushes, celebrity couple shipping, and 'Twilight Moms'; as they chose to call themselves, naming their newborns after the cast of the movie saga.
My attachment with the literature masterpiece has been because I adore the genres of vampire fiction, old school romance, and thriller. I wouldn't give all 5 stars to Breaking Dawn I because it did not beat the caliber of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse for me. Even from these 3 prequels, I would give all 5 stars to New Moon, 4.5 to Twilight, and 4 to Eclipse. Twilight started out with the traditional star-crossed lovers tale, 'The Lion and The Lamb' and established a brilliant story line. The Cullens, all of them, received their due recognition as a good-guys vampire family. The enemy coven comprising of James, Laurent, and Victoria was also a good villainous deal. New Moon overruled Twilight for me because it came as a breakthrough for Jacob (Taylor Lautner), the wolf pack, and the Volturi in Italy. Eclipse was the thrilling vampire combat that I was looking for. Breaking Dawn did a 50/50 for me.
The Cullen Wedding
The biggest news of Winter 2011 was the Cullen wedding. It was being more desperately anticipated than the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Meyer has maintained a very traditional feel of the wedding in the book. I really liked the wedding decor and the way so much emotion was put in. It was a treat to hear the speeches everybody made at the wedding. I laughed out loud when charlie reminded his son-in-law that he was a cop and knew how to use a gun and hunt people wherever they are. Vampires need reminders, they don't understand cops and guns very well, do they?
Best Movie Scenes
The most emotional scene, which managed to bring me to the verge of tears (I didn't cry, though!) was Jacob's last dance with the bride. The most brilliant moments in the movie were two. My first favorite was when Jacob Black assumed authority as the alpha male to defend Bella's life. The second was where he walked up to kill the vampire half-child who had taken Bella's life, but ended up "imprinting" on her. So, yes, I do feel that Breaking Dawn worked for me because of Jacob Black, even though I am not self-labeled as a "Wolf Girl" or "Team Jacob".  
What Was Missing?
There were a couple of emotional details that were blatantly missing from the movie. 
I was looking forward to Jacob's experience as a wolf when he'd run away after receiving the wedding card. The eagerness to imprint to escape the pain of a broken heart was all cut out and he simply reappeared for the wedding for a last dance with the bride. Jacob's monologue that formed an entire chapter, almost, in the book was not at all hinted in the movie.
The honeymoon I would explain as "twenty minutes or so of explicit love scenes". I literally skipped through because I don't watch that stuff. Besides, from what I heard (I kept speakers on!) the emotional dialogue between Edward and Bella was very hollow and incomplete. Of course, the explicitness was predictable because a lot of sex appeal was associated with the movie since a human and a vampire were trying to make it happen, biologically, but in the wake of it the little emotional details were rushed over in a haste. There were the tiny chunks of conversation between the couple about comparing a vampire's surreal beauty with a human's imperfections and appreciating life and reality instead of the unreal. There were bits about Edward being the perfect husband ... the cooking skills, and etc. which were not highlighted. 
The Cullen family was there in bits and pieces. Breaking Dawn, the book, emphasized a lot on how the relationship between Bella and Rosalie (her sister-in-law) had developed. There could have been a flashback of Rosalie's life and how she was converted to a vampire. Her tragic past would have provided an even better emotional connection in the movie between her and Renesme. To someone who has not read the books, Rosalie would have appeared to be a regular midwife or babysitter.
Looking Forward To A More Eventful Part II
There are great expectations from the concluding sequel of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn II. For starters, Bella's newborn vampire stage and the training to hunt should be exceptionally well shown.
Everybody is hoping for a character transformation for the heroine. The way Part I ended with Bella's blood red irises popping up on screen, some seriously high quality acting should follow.
The beautiful new relationship between Jacob Black and Resnemee (Nessie) is also highly anticipated. The child actress is gorgeous and considering Lautner's previous acts, the on-screen chemistry should work out brilliantly.
I am an action and thrill admirer so my main anticipation is the coming of the Volturi coven and the clash between the Cullen's army and them to protect the newborn half-vampire. 

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