Friday, November 4, 2011

Imagination is a beautiful thing

It was a cold dark night and rain was pouring down on the mighty high walls of the fortress of Excalibur. The cover of clouds was thick and black as ebony, but allowed an occasional moment to a sinister-looking pale, full moon to shine through. Each time the moon peaked at Excalibur, the tall-standing tapestries of the fortress cast an eerie dark shadow at the city of Excalibur below. There was something more dark and sinister that night within the walls of the fortress. In the very chamber of great kings and queens, a dark news had been unveiled, a dark secret had been broken. Lord Viktor Marcus, the great knight of Excalibur had fallen and the perils of Raven Isle had been unleashed.

Imagination is such a beautiful thing, such a wonderful escape, an adventurous retreat. What is it exactly? It is the ability to form mental images, concepts, ideas, and strategies (Dictionary, 2011). It is very important to keep your imagination active because if you kill it, you kill your soul.
A lot of your imagination develops in your childhood so it's very important how parents choose to foster their children's ability to conceptualize real life as well as fantasy.
The quality, kind, and quantity of media an individual views determines the kind of imagination she or he develops. It is a mix of visuals, beliefs, opinions, and ideas.
If I have to describe my imagination, how it developed and what it is about, I'd say ...
It's a manifestation of fairy tales, myths and legends, rich glorious events of medieval times,

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