Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 Maryland United States

Planet Abbie's location was off the strip that got to enjoy total eclipse and full darkness. Nevertheless! I got the perfect rain clouds that created the perfect filter. The glare was reduced to zero for the few seconds that I caught on camera (iPhone 7 Plus). That's almost 80% of the sun covered. Ha! Just when we thought the storm warning would make the day a no show. Play video below to catch the eclipse.

Professor Gilderoy Lockhart tweeted Lunar Lovegood and that part of social media made my day! I didn't know I was in for a major show later on despite the stormy, cloudy weather.

There was madness going on in the USA. People had taken road trips to reach South Carolina to witness the total eclipse and complete dark. I had the live NASA broadcast feed going on my laptop (which I had set in the kitchen) and there was total eclipse happening in Oregon then. A day earlier I had gone out and tested the idea of recording the sun in selfie mode. It had looked feasible to me because touching the focal point made the glare of the sun disappear. Watch the test shoot down below:

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Initially, I woke up to a rain forecast and clouds everywhere. Of course! Whenever there's cosmic activity on my side of the planet the stormy weather sets in to block the show. I was really mad as I went about doing my kitchen duties around the house: fixing lunch and dinner. TV, radio, social media, everybody and everything had one topic for the day.  
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It was crazy! Awesome to watch! People had chartered an Atlantic cruise worth $15,000 to watch the eclipse. There were eclipse viewing fields arranged in Oregon where thousands of cars were parked since hours to watch God's great show. The Carolina beaches were swarming with people and the Press! I was; however, still mad at the clouds. Our eclipse started with first contact at 1:18pm and I decided to step out at around 2pm to watch what had happened. 

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  1. Love your videos yaar! You had coverage much more entertaining than CNN :P
    I had fun today! It was cool!


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