Friday, April 8, 2016

Abbie Says: "#07 God Gets To Everyone, Don't Worry."

They won't go too far with what they have done, you know? Eventually they WILL get bald and suffer mediocrity *LAUGHS* And you get to watch it happen. And if it isn't happening here on this planet then they won't make it past the golden gates because --- your grudge will hold their case!
Meanwhile, if you do not believe in this theory then your case would turn into that of a bitter, vengeful devil pacing the earth. You'd always be complaining why the sky isn't falling on those who've wronged you, or why the earth isn't quaking beneath their feet? Relax --- that's San Andreas the movie. You can always choose to forget --- NOT FORGIVE necessarily --- but forget about it and let the person(s) go. Leave the premises, even the air they breathe in. You'll always be watching though --- Facebook shows you everything *LAUGHS*
Or, you can be Team Sweeney Todd and go all demon barber on the world. Ooh! Lots of hate there --- lots of self-destructive angst. And I believe that God is with those who are patient. There's a beautiful verse in the Holy Qur'an in which God says: "Inn Allaha Ma'a Sabireen" [God is with those who are patient]. It is normal for certain people to wrong you. After all, lies, deceit, treachery, and heartbreak are all trials of this crazy planet.

--- You'll Get The Last Laugh ---


  1. I think just forgetting it and moving on is the best way :)

    1. It's hard though --- but it makes the quality of life comparatively better than Sweeney Todd's


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