Saturday, April 9, 2016

Abbie Says: #08 "Have Your "Me" Time"

Out of the 24 hours that my life is granted daily, I spend almost half the time getting things done for others. And half the time that I have for myself includes attending to my needs of bathing, eating, praying, and sleeping. I make a special effort daily to make time for myself --- even if it is a dedicated couple of hours --- in which I do something for my soul. This special time is fondly known as ME TIME. Sometimes it is made up of fragments of time here and there summing up to few hours of the day. This is when all the creativity is put into action. This is when Netflix and Freeform happens. This is when I create art, compose poetry, and indulge in blogging. 
I know the value of Me Time because this is what charges my up to face the horrendous, mundane affairs like waiting for long hours at the doctors' offices, driving long roads, getting repeat grocery done, managing my tenants' issues, and waiting on hold and listening to maddening wait time music on answering machines. When I have had my quota of Me Time met --- I am ready for anything monotonous and I actually do it to the tune of "Far Over The Misty Mountains" from The Hobbit! 

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