Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Abbie Says: "#05 Eat A Toad & Remember It."

Today's advice is short and simple. 
Everybody makes mistakes. The deal is not to claim a No Error existence --- the deal is to "Eat A Toad And Remember It." You won't like the taste in your mouth so you'd know you've done something foul. If that is remembered, it will never happen again. After all, it is the worst times that make the strongest impressions. 
For example ---
I found a particular individual [female acquaintance] very, very difficult to deal with. I kept giving her chances and each time I gave her another opportunity to prove herself --- she delivered an even worse blow on my trust. I was on auto-mode of giving chances and was eating the toad again and again. What my strategy should have been --- once I had discovered that she was incapable of functioning like a respectable human being --- was to dump her for good and close myself off! I did that way later when things had turned pretty nasty and I couldn't take attacks on my self-esteem anymore!
Another example ---
The Rock reference *WINKS*
My stomach went off like Vesuvius one day when I chugged down a glass of soda at Red Robin recently. Now, since years I have suffered terrible GERD and there's been an incidence of scarring in a part of my stomach because of the incredible ton of acid my stomach produces --- I am an acidic person --- *WINKS* --- so my rule of life should be No Soda Until Death --- but I digress you see --- and I swallowed the toad again!
For the rest of the week I was chugging down Gaviscon and popping Ranitidine pills to manage the San Adreas movie I had created inside my stomach!
So ---
Say you opted for a wrong course, got into a wrong relationship, made a bad travel choice, ate something that upset your stomach (preferably wise enough not to be a real toad) --- whatever it is that you did --- remember it! Jot it down in a journal of don'ts of your life --- carry it if you need to. Why? Because we love repeating mistakes and our action plans --- when faced by similar choices --- are set to replay mode of mistakes! The little bug inside our brains pushes us to try one more time just in case it was a glitch in the Matrix and something went wrong the first time *ROLLS EYES* Once what has gone wrong will not auto-correct itself! Life does not work like Whats App. even if it did, the Auto Correct is turned off.
And if you still manage to swallow the toad again! Don't kill your soul over it, because ---


  1. Very nice, again a wonderful piece of advice that too often gets ignored!

    Laith (apx #1712) visiting for April A-Z from Laith's Ramblings (

  2. Glad I stopped by today for the #AtoZChallenge! I'll be back!

  3. Interesting and thought-provoking observations. Thank you.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

  4. Loved this post. It was so very entertaining. Stopping in from A-Z and I will for sure be back.


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