Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day Of Spring #fail - Freaky Friday

Oh well, Maryland was looking forward to Spring quite severely but right on the Spring Equinox (#FirstDayOfSpring) we got some serious now. This is like a tantrum of dying Winter! I, for one, was quite annoyed because it is I who originally said I hate anything cold and wet (not Bella Swan). So, the trees were covered, wintery mix (snow+ice+water) was falling as rain, and there was some pretty dangerous sleet on the roads too. My car actually showed me a skid warning while climbing back up into the garage.
Meanwhile, there were parts of Europe up in the north that got to see a spectacular show of a total solar eclipse! I am complaining. I just had snow-covered evergreens and barren branches to photograph while people were staring up through lung x-ray films (okay, a news photograph featured a lung x-ray, everybody wasn't looking through a pair of lungs), tainted glass, and what not. I remember experiencing a total eclipse ages ago when I was in school and we lived in Karachi city. Schools were actually called off midday so everybody could enjoy the 5 to 7 minute nightfall. It was so creepy and so beautiful at the same time! It was the total eclipse of August 11, 1999 (I actually Googled the date because I didn't remember).

They called it Freaky Friday because of the total eclipse and a Supermoon. Well, my share of the freaky happens mostly inside the house and in my head. I found myself being all down in the dumps because of the grey weather, sipping Chai in a mason jar.

That Friday Blog Hop
Things haven't been the smooth sail lately, but it never really is, is it? Fibromyalgia, the beast, has started acting up real bad and I have no clue what triggered it. Suddenly, my rotating muscles of the hip, and the piriformis just went mad. But we still sail the uncanny seas, don't we?  

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