Thursday, May 1, 2014

Caffe Demetre: A Dessert Binge to Remember with My Favorite Canadian

Caffe Demetre [Mississauga, ON - Canada] is a planet of giant-sized ice-cream-based desserts. Their portion sizes are designed ... well ... practically for a family of four if they like managing calories. But nobody is complaining! I was there with Sara, and my favorite Canadian - Ammara, to watch The Mortal Instruments City of Bones at the AMC Cinemas adjacent to this binge hole. Ammara, on our way out, pointed out Demetre and that whenever somebody had a birthday in her family they indulge there. Ta da! Ammara is my trigger for 'Bestie-Dessert-Binges'. So, we decided to celebrate Ammara's 'Un-Birthday'.
The place follows a masquerade theme which explains why I was attracted to its soul. The menu is to-die-for - literally. Just reading the names alone gives you a sugar rush. I have forgotten the name of the wonderful, rich, and delicious cheesecake-ice-cream combo that we ordered. But it was along the lines of triple fudge chocolate cheesecake something! The three of us shared the dessert, because nobody wanted to die of a post-carb-binge emotional trauma. 
The place totally lives up to its tagline "Where Dessert is the Main Course!" and we totally understand. I remember we had my friend's wedding dinner to attend that night, and Sara and I skipped lunch. There was a whole lot of fancy cheesecake ice-cream floating in our guts for that entire afternoon. So, the bottom line is that the portion sizes at this place are massive, so try taking a big group of people with you, so you can try a lot of things at the same time. And they understand, because the server got us three spoons, and three glasses of water. You MUST have water after a dessert binge - and I found out that you DO need it!
This is most definitely going to be a catch-up place for us girlies when Sara and I revisit Ammara. There is no binge like a dessert binge with Ammara.

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