Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring In My Step: Tulips, Hyacinths, Crabgrass and What Not!?

Gorgeous tulips at Giant

Spring is here! At least that is what the flowers at Giant, and the dandelions / thistles / crabgrass in my lawn are suggesting.
Dandelion and Crabgrass on my front lawn

I actually identified those by Googling them up online. I have TruGreen working for me so I am guessing I won't get a very bad weed attack on my lawns this time. The Worm Moon passed and it was raining pretty badly and no worms swarmed the walkways, so I am also guessing the insecticide they sprayed worked very well too. I am not a garden person, but I have my heart set on decorating the patio and front lawn to an Alice in Wonderland theme. There! I said it online, now it is official. Mum and I shopped some flower, flamingos, and birdie stakes for decor. About keeping gnomes and other decorations, I am a bit skeptical because the kids might just take them away.
Hyacinths at Giant
The Hyacinths really caught my attention. They are so different from the lot. I found out they have a myth about them. See? That's why I was attracted to them in the first place. They are not regular, normal no-myth-about-them flowers. They are named after Hyakinthos (or Hyacinthus) a handsome, young Spartan prince. Two gods - Apollon (Apollo) and Zephyros loved him. Greek mythology has it that Hyakinthos was killed accidentally by Zephyros who was trying to hit Apollo in the head to in sheer jealousy. Now, the god Apollon (or Apollo) loved Hyanthikos and changed him to a flower. So those are all kin of Hyanthikos we are looking at *rolls eyes*

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