Thursday, December 19, 2013

DePhoMo19 December Dream Board

Day 19 December Dream Board
I absolutely adore putting up pin board displays. They feel like giant scarpbooks!
This has been around since 2010 - the board that is. The decorations that always remain intact like a base are the organza gold floral borders and the ornaments on them. The masquerade lady is quite permanent too. Since two years, the giant venetian mask on the top right corner (gifted by Sherris on my silver 25th birthday) has been a constant too. This year, I added the green and red mask from Mardi Gras decor to the base. The gold and silver beaded necklaces are also permanent.
This is a Happy Holidays December makeover of the board. I like to call it a Dream Board, and I picked up the term from Oprah Winfrey from her O, The Oprah Magazine website.
The board reflects current adventures. I have found a way to recycle the beautiful display. Once December is over, everything is going to come off and go into my scrapbook (another 2014 project).
Of course, I'll take a photo before I take everything off.

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