Monday, October 7, 2019

October Photography Month (OctoPhoMo) 2019 Day 06 - Day 10

* This post will be updating daily

📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 06: Scarecrow

Fall’s one big carnival everyday 🎃 We need a scarecrow emoji! ••• The usual grocery and mundane nonsense errands kind of become festive ••• 🍁
📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 07: Shower
To shower in peace without someone knocking at the door, calling you for duty, is a rare privilege ••• One day I’ll enjoy that feeling 🚿
📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 08: Bed
⚙️Repair and renovation works are emotionally exhausting. Seeing your place all topsy turvy is like a part of your soul hurting. Things change for the best but the process •••
📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 09: "Electronics"

Word of the Week: Bring your own music, play your own song, dance at your own pace.
📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 10: "Woods"

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