Monday, July 2, 2018

The Voice Of Abbie: July - Ramadan Hiatus Bids Farewell, Potterific July Takes Off, Summer of 2018 Begins


They've cranked up the heat!!! ••• (the weather maintenance crew UP there! - inspired by Supernatural's way of referring to angels!) ••• Summer's here! Trust me ••• putting watermelons and popsicles on magazine covers and social media feeds will NOT cool me down! I wish the world an adventurous, cool summer! ••• and I'd like a fast forward to Fall please *knock knock upstairs*

I was chasing Samosas through May and June ••• courtesy Ramadan! Ramadan Adventure Films on my 2nd blog, Sisterly Yours was a major hit! Brushing imaginary dirt off my collar, I pulled of a Ramadan Iftar dinner myself. ••• Thank you ALL who Liked the vids on Instagram and Facebook and for the wonderful comments! ••• I was on a Ramadan hiatus (as a blogger friend described perfectly!) from all other platforms! ••• And then my good peeps ••• Eid arrived with another truckload of food, meetups, and festivities! ••• The stars of the show of my EID ENSEMBLE were the 3D Laser Paper Star Lanterns got off of eBay ••• Don't forget to catch the entry HERE •••

POTTERIFIC JULY is a bloody brilliant photo challenge is happening in July and is hosted by none other than my partner in crime ••• The Sara •••  It is being hosted on her Instagram @saraallie  ••• Read the deets in POTTERHEAD CHRONICLES.
Grab your wands, pull up your sleeves, get ready! ⚡️Calling all Potterheads to join me in taking the Potterific July Photo Challenge! ✨ Today I officially welcome The Potterific July which is my grand celebration of The Harry Potter Fandom throughout the month! ✨ All you have to do is follow the prompts listed above for each day of the challenge. Each day we’ll use the prompt to post a HP themed picture and tag it using #PotterificJuly ✨ If you miss a prompt, no biggie, just catch up or keep going! Let’s have some fun Potter style! Make sure you use the hashtag or none of us will be able to find your posts! ⚡️Will you be taking up the Potterific July Photo Challenge? ⚡️✨
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••• Ramadan hiatus bids farewell ••• I am working full speed on Abbie's Adventure Diaries. Chapter XXXI is halfway over ••• need to get all the talking done, all adventures shared, all channels going ••• Doing the Radio'TV is SO not happening because let's face it ••• I am not spared a lot of Me Time ••• I recorded those sitting in my car inside the garage, and summers mean I'd be roasted Abbie if I re-attempt. So The Voice Of Abbie shall reverberate here and of course through the Abbie's Adventure Films popping up on Instagram ••• Stay glued for monthly Food Journals, Words Of The Month, Babbling Abbie comics, and ⚡Potterhead Chronicles!

I am not a Summer person so I am clearly TRYING here. There's no bucket list but I'd be going with the flow with this one. Perhaps I'd eat a watermelon and a frozen yogurt treat? Maybe I'd make some lemonade or popsicles? Stay close! 

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